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Online course: How to plan, run and grow your own donut business from home

Online course: How to plan, run and grow your own donut business from home

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A donut (or doughnut) business is a treat to own and run! As donut enthusiasts and having created, built, grown and sold a national chain of successful donut stores, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about making, and scaling donuts into a profitable business, right from your home.

This course is fully online, self-paced and you’ll get full online access to our learning portal. We cover a range of topics including:

  1. Donuts 101: The basics
  2. How to make the perfect donut
  3. How to make 100 donuts a day with your home oven
  4. How to create an online presence
  5. How to use TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to market your donuts to a local audience
  6. How to go from 1 order a day to 100 orders a day
  7. How to manage the logistics of delivering fresh donuts in a cost-effective way
  8. How to build your brand to be memorable
  9. Moving into a commercial kitchen to 10x your donut production capabilities
  10. How to increase your delivery radius from 10kms to 100kms
  11. Going national
  12. Franchising
  13. Going international
  14. Valuing your business
  15. Finding buyers for your business
  16. Due diligence and selling your business

Whew! All of that in one easy value-packed course! To top it all, if you’re unhappy with the course, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.